Cupid’s Arrow Strikes the World: Uncover the Secrets of Valentine’s Day

Cupid sharpens his arrows, chocolates fill the shelves, and a romantic atmosphere takes over the air… Yes, is Valentine’s Day!!! But have you ever stopped to think about where this passionate tradition came from? And how is it celebrated in different parts of the world?

Although the date is best known for being celebrated on February 14th, the history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery and legend. One of the most popular theories dates back to Ancient Rome, where Emperor Claudius II prohibited marriages to strengthen his army. A priest named Valentine defied the order and continued to perform marriages in secret, and was later martyred on February 14th.

Over the centuries, the date has become a symbol of love and romance, celebrated in various countries with different customs and traditions. In Brazil, for example, the date is celebrated on June 12th, the eve of Saint Anthony’s Day, known as the matchmaker saint. In the United States and other European countries, the original date of February 14th is the most popular, with the exchange of gifts, flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners.

Fun Facts to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

  • Did you know that the red heart emoji is the most used on February 14th?
  • In Finland and Estonia, Valentine’s Day is also known as Friendship Day, where friends and family are also honored.
  • In Verona, Italy, the hometown of Romeo and Juliet, thousands of love letters are sent to the character’s house every year.

Tips for a Memorable Valentine’s Day

  • Give the gift of experiences: Plan a romantic picnic, a movie night at home, or a special outing.
  • Bet on personalized gifts: Show that you know your partner by giving them something that has special meaning to them.
  • Do it yourself: A handmade gift, such as a card or a photo album, can be much more meaningful than something bought.
  • Don’t forget the romance: Flowers, chocolates, and a candlelit dinner are classics that never go out of style.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms. Whether with a grand gesture or a small detail, show your love and affection for the person you love. And don’t forget: the most important thing is that the day is special for both of you!

Love, love,

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